The Path To Hard Drive Recovery Is Winding

hdrecoveryNo, this article is not about how to recover from a debilitating illness, abusive relationship or drugs. This article is about how to recover your important data after you’ve suffered a hard drive failure. Failures can be logistical or physical, but recovery is needed for both if you want to see your photos or hear your music ever again. As well, if you do a lot of business on your computer you’ve probably got some pretty important documents you want to see again too.

So your hard drive has suffered failure and you are not a technician. You have zero confidence in your personal technical skills so how can you hope to repair this issue yourself? You also aren’t rolling in money so you want to make sure that if you hire a third-party service to recover your data that you are choosing smartly and that you can trust they won’t mess around with your information.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates is one of the top three when it comes to hard drive recovery. They put their pride on the line every time they accept a hard drive recovery service job and these guys really know how to get the job done. Not only do they have fantastic facilities, you don’t have to worry that it’s all just lip-service and that they may not be 100% honest in the fact that they have all these credentials.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates designates a section of their website to display their certifications where everyone can see. They strive to provide the proof so that you can rest assured they know what they’re doing. Also, they even allow you to take a virtual tour of their cleanrooms so you can see exactly how the rooms are designed for your data recovery. This is really awesome because it allows you to feel confident that you know exactly what is going on with your hard drive. They have had a third party certify their clean room as an ISO 5 Class 100 lab. Not only is their lab amazing, if you have a logistical issue you don’t have to worry about sending in your hard drive. RAID services, meanwhile, are also provided. Good information is here.

Logistical means there is nothing physically wrong with your hard drive so your data could be recovered by using a remote access by a qualified technician. This is all done with your permission so you can watch what they are doing to your files. Not only that, Hard Drive Recovery Associates takes safety seriously. They want you to feel comfortable and safe allowing them to access your computer remotely or when you send your hard drive in for repair. The entire staff receives FBI security training each year and your data is automatically encrypted so that it can’t be intercepted at all. The entire facility has surveillance which means no one is going to get at your data without leaving a trail of some sort.

While they are protecting your files Hard Drive Recovery Associates does a pretty cool thing by assigning a dedicated case manager to your data recovery. This is awesome because it allows you to have a specific point of contact through the entire process. They also provide 24/7 support so you can access an abundance of information with articles, blogs, videos and even a simulator so you can see inside an actual hard drive and witness how various physical problems are diagnosed. This is great because if you’re awake at 3 am because you were working on a last-minute project you don’t have to wait until standard business hours before you can get your issue investigated. You can do some preliminary research with their information and have an idea of what the issue or concern is before you even contact them about sending in your hard drive.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates earns its place in the top three for a reason; now you just need to drop them a line.

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