Top 5 Anti Snoring Devices

Anti-Snoring-DevicesIt’s been a good year for those who suffer from snoring. Snoring isn’t really something that people enjoy doing or do on purpose. While it may be a normal bodily function that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Many people snore for a variety of reasons such as smoking, drinking, being stressed or overweight. There are those who probably have a combination of all the aforementioned issues and then some. When you sleep, the muscles in your mouth and throat relax which can cause your tongue to fall into the back of your throat thereby blocking the airway. The vibration of the tongue from breathing can cause the sound that we have all come to know.

There are several different types of mouthpieces on the market. They are designed to either push your lower jaw forward to allow more air into the airway or they are designed to hold your tongue in place. There are a few that are designed to do both. With mouthpieces being the more popular tool of choice you can rest assured that there are hundreds of different devices all vying for your time and money. How do you choose? Which one should you go with? Comprehensive reviews of these are at this website. It depends on you, but here is a nice, quick list that goes over the top 5 from the last year:

  • SnoreRX®
  • Zquiet®
  • Good Morning Snore Solution®
  • Vital Sleep®
  • PureSleep®

Let’s break that down for you.


Being the only piece that allows users to micro calibrate is the best thing about this mouthpiece. This allows users to find the best fit for their mouths, as we all know each mouth is different. This piece also works by forcing the lower jaw forward to allow more air into the airway but the micro calibration makes it easier to manage.


This piece gets top points for being one of the few with a hinge. This allows you to talk and drink water while you are wearing the device. You don’t need to worry about whether or not your family can understand you and you won’t have to worry about constantly taking it out if you are thirsty. It comes as is and does not require any additional molding. It’s primary function is to push your lower jaw out.

Good Morning Sleep Solution®

This one is a bit different. As a tongue restraining device it does not push your jaw forward. By sitting at the front of your mouth and using a small ball to suction the tip of your tongue to hold it still, it is by far one of the easier ones to use. Without putting pressure on your jaw users find that they don’t wake up in pain. This piece is also friendly for those who wear dentures as it doesn’t rely on teeth.

Vital Sleep®

Using the boil-and-bite method allows this mouthpiece to be customizable to your unique mouth. It also works by pushing your lower jaw forward and allowing air into your lungs and airway. It is latex-free so it is good for those who may have an allergy. It is moldable up to three times so if you don’t get it right the first time, you can try again.


The last in our list is another piece that moves the jaw forward. You can boil-and-bite this mouthpiece but you can only do so once. Since it requires a prescription by a licensed dentist or physician this piece can be a bit tricky to access if you don’t have health coverage.

These five pieces have long reigned atop the peak of anti-snoring mouthpieces. You will be in good hands if you decide to go with one of these amazing contenders.

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